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Keeper of Deee-Lite – Lemon Verbena Golden Ale

Mike Floyd is a photographer friend who loved Temptress of Light for its photographic allusion.  Obsessed with Light, he told me I had to name one Keeper of Deee-Lite.  I could not resist.


Sno-Fo (Snørgentaas the Foeniculum Whisperer) - Brown Fennel Licorice Abby Ale

Snørgentaas is a wild field gnome. He captures and dances with Foeniculum’s (Fennel’s) spirit as he runs through the fields in twilight dream-time - you know that special time late in the day in nature when you can feel all the earth and plants pulsating - like the gentle peristaltic contractions of intestines moving you forward into the other world.  This is his gift to you. 


Honeysuckle Hazy IPA

Every year the summer gnomes talk to me through the Honeysuckle. This year they made a deal with Uncle Humulus.  We are glad they spoke.


Leepa – Linden Flower Lager

In 2018 this beer got made as a collaboration beer at Moravia Brewery in Brno, Czech Republic and also in Portland, Oregon. The national tree of the Czech Republic, Linden is your cure-all when you‘re feeling hysterical.  It turns out SE Portland’s Laurelhurst Park has a whole grove of them! 


Hawt of Darkness – Tart Dark Hawthorne Berry Belgian Ale aged in Pinot Barrel on Cherries and Figs

Hawthorne Berries picked from Mt Tabor went into this dark (but light!) Abby ale, then it got aged in a Pinot Noir barrel with backyard figs and local cherries. The herbal tradition holds Hawthorne berries close to its heart - And so do I with all the Hawthorne trees in our neighborhood and the name-sake of our street - Hawthorne Boulevard. 


To-Mo Arigato Give me the Nitro (Tørgenkaas le Mõgicianne Africainne)
-North African Spice Dark French Ale on Nitro

A secret North African spice was used in the making of this beer. It has magical alchemical transformative properties, just a hint. Tørgenkaas, himself, is a North African Swahili-French speaking Alchemist Gnome.  He can tell you the secrets of his old secret world. 


HopBucha - Flower Kombucha

Made with local spring wildflower honey and herbs (no caffeine)




The below ales are included for historical reasons,

they may come back later

Temptress of Light

ale blonde of the violet quince

A refreshing blonde made with 25 pounds of quince from friend and neighbor Ben's tree in SE Portland, violet flowers sent in from Ted's organic flower farm in Bothell, WA - Herbco, and some secret gnome magic.


Bringer of Dreams

fennel mugwort brown ale

Night magic is the stuff of mugwort - delicious brown belgian fennelophillic substrate takes taking your medicine to the H-N-L (Hole-Nutha-Level).


Seducer of Virility

belgian pale with orange and cardamom

Cardamom, besides being a favorite flavor and medicine, holds a special place in my ...heart.  Amu Jon, my grandfather's younger brother, was a Vetrinarian who made an herbal horse medicine containing cardamom -with intended purposes of, let's just say "Virility".  It turns out horse medicine really is "Strong Like Horse"!  Fruity floral notes balance the spice -layered with belgian esters. Shtroombah! (apparently Gnomish for Cheers!)


Saver of Lives - GF

honeysuckle heather golden ale - gluten free (<20 ppm)

Auntie Tracy's neighbor used to curse her honeysuckle, then she fell off her roof and it saved her life. She pays homage by planting honeysuckle everywhere she lives - and we are glad she did! This honeysuckle just kept producing despitie many delays in getting the brew started. It's also been a dream of mine to brew a beer with fresh heather flowers - this dream finally came through with this magical dance of flavors.   Since Auntie is gluten free, I used the Ohmission enzyme to make this delicious barley ale gluten free <20 ppm on batch testing performed.  It's now her and Mark's favorite beer!