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New Beers

Keeper of Deee-Lite – Lemon Verbena Golden Ale


Sno-Fo (Snørgentaas the Foeniculum Whisperer) - Brown Fennel Licorice Abby Ale


Leepa – Linden Flower Lager


Hawt of Darkness – Dark Hawthorne Berry Belgian Ale aged in Pinot Barrel on Cherries and Figs


To-Mo Arigato Give me the Nitro (Tørgenkaas le Mõgicianne Africainne)
-North African Magick Dark French Ale on Nitro


Kombumagick – Herbal Hopped Kombucha




The below ales are included for historical reasons,

they may come back later

Temptress of Light

ale blonde of the violet quince

A refreshing blonde made with 25 pounds of quince from friend and neighbor Ben's tree in SE Portland, violet flowers sent in from Ted's organic flower farm in Bothell, WA - Herbco, and some secret gnome magic.


Bringer of Dreams

fennel mugwort brown ale

Night magic is the stuff of mugwort - delicious brown belgian fennelophillic substrate takes taking your medicine to the H-N-L (Hole-Nutha-Level).


Seducer of Virility

belgian pale with orange and cardamom

Cardamom, besides being a favorite flavor and medicine, holds a special place in my ...heart.  Amu Jon, my grandfather's younger brother, was a Vetrinarian who made an herbal horse medicine containing cardamom -with intended purposes of, let's just say "Virility".  It turns out horse medicine really is "Strong Like Horse"!  Fruity floral notes balance the spice -layered with belgian esters. Shtroombah! (apparently Gnomish for Cheers!)


Saver of Lives - GF

honeysuckle heather golden ale - gluten free (<20 ppm)

Auntie Tracy's neighbor used to curse her honeysuckle, then she fell off her roof and it saved her life. She pays homage by planting honeysuckle everywhere she lives - and we are glad she did! This honeysuckle just kept producing despitie many delays in getting the brew started. It's also been a dream of mine to brew a beer with fresh heather flowers - this dream finally came through with this magical dance of flavors.   Since Auntie is gluten free, I used the Ohmission enzyme to make this delicious barley ale gluten free <20 ppm on batch testing performed.  It's now her and Mark's favorite beer!